Battery Use
Battery performance depends on many factors, 
including your wireless carrier's network configuration; 
signal strength; the temperature at which you operate 
your phone; the features and/or settings you select and 
use; items attached to the phone's accessory 
connector port; and your voice, data, and other application 
usage patterns.
Caution: To prevent injuries or burns, do not allow metal 
objects to contact or short circuit the battery terminals.
ng Started
To maximize your battery's performance:
  Always use Moto
rola Original batteries and battery 
chargers. The phone warranty does not cover damage 
caused from using non Motorola batteries and/or 
battery chargers.
  New batteries or batteries that have been stored for a 
long time may require a longer charge time.
  Maintain the battery at or near room temperature 
when charging.
  Do not expose batteries to temperatures below  10 C 
(14 F) or above 45 C (113 F). Always take your 
phone with you when you leave your vehicle.
  When you do not intend to use a battery for a while, 
store it uncharged in a cool, dark, dry place, such as a 
  Over time, batteries gradually wear down and require 
longer charging times. This is normal. If you charge 
your battery regularly and notice a decrease in talk 

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