Using a Bluetooth Wireless 
Your phone supports Bluetooth  wireless connections. 
You can set up a wireless link with a Bluetooth enabled 
headset accessory, speakerphone, or handsfree car 
kit, or connect to a computer or hand held device to 
exchange and synchronize data.
To connect your phone to a headset accessory or 
handsfree device:
ht Fea
Find the Feature
m > Extras > Settings 
> Connection 
> Bluetooth Link 
> Handsfree 
> [Look For Devices]
Your phone displa
ys a list of device(s) located within range 
of the phone. If your phone is already connected to a 
device, your phone lists the connected device and 
identifies it with a 
(in use) indicator.
To connect to a device, highlight the device name and 
press SELECT (r).
The device may request permission to bond with your 
phone. Select YES (r) and enter the correct PIN code to 
create a secure connection with the device. When the 
connection is made, the 
(Bluetooth) indicator or a 
Bluetooth message displays in the home screen.

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