Community Analysis Package
Improvements to Version 3.0 of CAP
In CAP 3.0 new array handling technology has been introduced to enable the
analysis of 
very large data sets
The program now also includes 3 dimensional plotting all ordination methods.
A new facility enables you to assign your samples to 
a priori groups
 before you
undertake analysis, giving you greater insight into the results. Along with this,
CAP 3.0 now includes routines for handling 
grouped data
, including
Analysis of Similarity
Similarity Percentages
Another new feature, not found in any other multivariate statistics package, is our
new Instant Assist. This is an optional facility that will be particularly useful to
students and those beginning to get to grips with multivariate statistics. It is a
floating, always visible Help screen that provides information about any method
selected on the menu bar. Place it anywhere you like on your desktop while you
work, in a place where it won t interfere with your view of the CAP screens.
Because it is always available it will enable you to quickly decide which method is
appropriate for your purpose and alert you to any potential pitfalls. You can switch
Instant Assist on or off under the Help menu.
CAP 3.0 now includes a 
user preferences
 screen that will enable you to
display numerical outputs in the way you want, and also includes options for file
handling too, such as automatic reopening of the last file that you worked on.
In 2 dimensional plots, a new button enables you to place a perimeter line around
any pre selected group of data points. This is very useful for highlighting groups
and emphasising their attributes in a plot.
CAP can now load directly from 
 making it even easier to analyse your
Many of the screens have been updated and improved to be more user friendly
and intuitive to use.
The agglomerative clustering methods now allow you to choose from all 9 of the
quantitative distance measurements that 
 can calculate.
We are continually striving to improve CAP, and all our other software products, if
you have any suggestions or ideas we are always keen to hear them. Please
contact us

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