Community Analysis Package
Quick guide to running a data set
With CAP 3.0, data can now be imported directly from an 
Excel spreadsheet
however, should you prefer to use the import method used in previous
versions follow items 1,2 & 3 below.
1. Prepare your data set using a spreadsheet such as Excel. The data are best
arranged with samples (quadrates, or stations) as columns and species as
the rows. Give a title to each sample and species. Values can be real or
integer and place 0 (a zero) in all localities where a species was not recorded.
This can be automated by searching for blanks and making them 0. Make
sure you use a zero, "0", and not a capital o, "O"!
2. Save these arrays as CSV (comma delimited text files) from the 
Save As
menu. Take care if using Excel that the work sheet does not hold any other
information, otherwise this will be included in the CSV files.
3. Close the spreadsheet data file before opening the data in CAP, otherwise
you will get an  I/O error 32   access denied  error message.
4. Start CAP and open your data file from the 
5. The data will now open in the Raw Data window. When opening the data set,
the program will check for any zero sum rows or columns (i.e. containing all
zeros), and remove them from the 
Working Data
6. Undertake any transformations or relativisations you may wish in the working
data window. Note that any changes undertaken on the working data will not
change the raw data. Once an adjustment has been made remember to click
on the 
button to create adjusted data sets for analysis.
7. Select a method from the menu toolbar, and use the tabbed windows to
examine the output. All aspects of the charts and plots can be altered using
the buttons on the toolbar above the chart (shown below). For more
instructions on editing charts, see  
Printing and saving results
8. Use 
 or the Printer button on the toolbar to print the charts and 
 or the Copy button to copy it to the clipboard for pasting into another
9.   Use the 
 button on the toolbar to save the chart as an image file for use
in another application, or as a TeeChart Pro (*.tee) file. See
exporting charts

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