Community Analysis Package
the adjusted data. The analyses will use the adjusted data set by default.
Obtaining help
Opening a data set
Demonstration data sets
Creating and editing a data set
Maximum size of the data set and computation speed
Printing and exporting your results
Zooming and panning on graphs
Common errors and problems
No matter how much care is taken with data preparation, it is not unusual to
encounter problems when initially loading and running analyses on a data set.
These are usually simple to rectify. Common error messages and their solutions
are shown below
1.    is not a valid floating point value
This will
occur if the raw data set holds
blank columns or rows   ones that sum to zero. Remove blank columns and rows
by using  
Handling zeros
  in the working data window. It may also occur if the
raw data holds a blank cell. In some cases 
 will identify the problem cell
which should be edited. Normally it is because the data has been prepared in a
spreadsheet using blanks to represent zero values.
Occasionally, this error can occur because a blank space has been accidentally
entered into a cell outside the data matrix when it was being prepared in a
spreadsheet program. To prevent this happening, it is good practice, before
saving your data set as a .csv file, to highlight the first 10 or so blank rows and
columns below and to the right of the data matrix, and press  Delete . This will
clear the cells of any accidentally entered contents.
2. I/O error 32   access denied.
 This will occur if the data file you are trying to
open is currently being used by another program   normally the spreadsheet
which was used to organise the data.
Close the file in other programs and try again.

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