Opening a data set
Opening a data set
Use File|Open to start the file dialog to select a data file for analysis. CAP s data
files are in the Comma Delimited Text (*.csv) format: simple text files where the
data in columns are separated by commas. This makes the data files easy to edit
in a wide variety of spreadsheets and text editors, such as Excel, Lotus, Quattro,
MS Word, Wordpad or Notepad.
CAP will usually alert you if there are any problems   such as rows or columns
that sum to zero   which might cause the calculations to malfunction. Sometimes
it will require you to take some action, such as replacing a cell s contents,
otherwise it will make the required changes automatically.
The alert screen is shown below.
CAP will only make these changes to the 
Working Data
 grid; the Raw Data will
always contain the complete data array. The stored data file will not be altered
unless you use Save or Save As to save the Working Data grid.

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