Creating and editing a data set
When using Excel use the Save As function to save your data as a *.csv file.
Ensure that the work sheet you are saving only holds the tabulated data for
 If your data set has been created using the convention that a blank cell
means zero then use the Find and Replace function available in all common
spreadsheets to search for blanks and replace them with 0 (zero).
Occasionally, errors occur because a blank space has been accidentally entered
into a cell outside the data matrix. To prevent this happening, it is good practice,
before saving your data set as a .csv file, to highlight the first 10 or so blank rows
and columns below and to the right of the data matrix, and press  Delete . This will
clear the cells of any accidentally entered contents.
The csv file can also be opened and edited in a text editor (e.g. Notepad) or word
processor (Microsoft Word), in which case it will appear like this:
Note the leading comma on the first row which will make the first cell blank.
see also:
Opening a dataset
Data entry from within CAP
Data entry from within CAP
Data sets can be created and edited within CAP.
To create a new data set, select 
File: New
 from the pull down menus. You are
presented with a 3 x 3 grid in which the top dark blue row represents samples and
the left dark blue column represents variables (usually species). To enter column
and row titles double click on these cells and type into the dialog box that
Leave the upper left hand cell free. To input text or data, click on the cell and type
a number. Numbers can be either integer or real; some methods may require
integers, but in most such cases the program will run with real data which will be
automatically rounded.
The return key moves you sequentially through the grid and when pressed with
the cursor in one of the cells of the right hand column will add a new column. To
add a new row, press the Insert key. A row will be inserted below that currently
selected. Please note, if the text within a box is selected (it will usually appear
dark blue) or if the cursor is present in the cell,  Insert  will not work.
Simply click on the left hand border of the cell again to select the entire cell and
insert will be activated. To remove a row, click in any cell in the row, then press
the Delete key.

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