Printing and saving results
Printing and saving results
Output can be saved as a file, copied to the clipboard or printed. See topics
below for further details.
Printing text and grid output
Preparing charts for output
Printing charts
Printing dendrograms
Exporting charts
Exporting dendrograms
Exporting charts
The chart can be saved in a number of different file formats: Enhanced Metafile
(*.emf), Bitmap (*.bmp), JPEG (*.jpg), or Native (*.tee). Each file format has
advantages and disadvantages.
The advantage of Enhanced Metafile is that, if pasted into, for instance, a
Word document, it can be resized by dragging, without losing resolution.
Bitmaps are a lossless method of saving; the stored file will not lose any of the
original s detail. Because of this, bitmaps tend to be much larger than
compressed files such as Enhanced Metafiles or JPEGs.
JPEGs are file formats which can be compressed to take up less space  
useful if you wish to send one by email, put it on a website, or paste it in to a
document. If they are compressed too heavily, they can lose resolution and
detail, and spoil colours.
The Native (*.tee) format saves all the chart attributes, and the data series,
rather than the image itself. This means that you can save the chart, and open it
again at a later date to edit it, using the free TeeReader software supplied on
the installation CD. Tee files tend to be very small indeed; often less than 1KB.
Exporting dendrograms
to copy the dendrogram to the Windows clipboard
and where it can be pasted into other Windows applications.
Printing dendrograms
The dendrograms from TWINSPAN and clustering methods are produced by a
completely different part of the program from the other charts. This means that
they cannot easily be manipulated and resized. This can cause problems if you
wish to paste a very large dendrogram into, for instance, a Word document; the
plot is too large to fit on a page. In this case, we recommend that you paste the
entire dendrogram into an image editing program, such as PaintShop Pro, and
cut it up into smaller sections that can be fitted onto several pages.

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