Printing and saving results
useful if you wish to send one by email, put it on a website, or paste it in to a
document. If they are compressed too heavily, they can lose resolution and
detail, and spoil colours.
The Native (*.tee) format saves all the chart attributes, and the data series,
rather than the image itself. This means that you can save the chart, and open it
again at a later date to edit it, using the free TeeReader software supplied on
the installation CD. Tee files tend to be very small indeed; often less than 1KB.
Moving Chart Labels
Click the Edit button to change a wide range of aspects of the graph, add titles,
and use various tools to customise the chart. One of the most useful tools allows
you to drag the chart labels   very useful if you have a cluster of points with
overlapping labels. Click the Edit button, then the Tools tab of the Edit dialog, the
Add... button, and choose  Drag Marks . When the chart is displayed, you will find
that the cursor displays as a hand symbol on hovering over a data label, allowing
you to drag the label to the desired position.
NOTE: any alteration of other aspects of the graph will cause the labels to return
to their original position. Therefore, moving the labels should be the last alteration
you make before printing or exporting the graph.
Drawing Lines
If the new 
group perimeter
 method is not appropriate to your needs, you may
find it useful to draw lines on a chart, to separate groups or clusters of points, for
instance on an MDS plot (below).
Click the Chart Edit button, choose the Tools tab   Add... button, and from the
list of tools, choose Draw Line. If you click on the Pen button, you can specify
the type and colour of the line.
When you have made your choice, click  Close  to return to the program,
where you can simply draw lines with the mouse. Lines, once drawn, can be
dragged to the position required.
To alter the line type or colour, open the Tools tab again, click on Draw Line,
and make the changes you require.

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