Community Analysis Package
Note that there are very many options on the Edit screen and it is worth a few
minutes  experimentation to see what sort of effects are available to enhance
your charts for publication or display.
Printing and exporting text and grid output
With an output grid showing simply choose 
 and a dialog box for printing
options will be activated. Text such as the old style results for twinspan and
decorana are saved as rtf file, which are openable in most word processors.
To save the results to file choose 
 and follow instructions in the
dialogue box.
Zooming and panning on graphs
Tight clusters of points which cannot be differentiated can occur in, for example,
the PCA plot. To zoom in on an area, move to the top right corner of the area to
be enlarged then hold the left hand mouse button and drag to the lower left hand
corner and release the button. An enlarged view of the selected area will be
displayed. To return to the original view, hold down the left hand mouse button
and move upwards and to the left and release. To pan the graph hold down the
right hand mouse button and move the mouse.
The zoomed area will appear as a pale yellow panel on the plot.
These operations are somewhat sensitive to mouse movements and some
practice may be required.

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