Community Analysis Package
Rotate output
. Select yes or no by clicking on the radio buttons. If yes is selected
a PCA is performed on the final site coordinates . The default is yes as this will
usually produce the most suitable plot.
Maximum iterations
. You can change the number of iterations used by the
stress minimisation algorithm by using the mouse to move the slider bar. The
default is 200. While there is a relationship between the number of iterations and
the magnitude of the stress level achieved, in practice there is often little
advantage in selecting a higher iteration number. You may like to vary this
number to become satisfied that the minimum stress level possible has been
Main MDS Page
Sample coordinates
This string grid presents the final coordinates for each site (column). The site
identifier is given in the first column, in the second and third columns are listed
the coordinates of each site for the two dimensional solution. This is also the
model that is plotted (see above).
Columns to the right of column 3 will also be filled if you specified a maximum
number of dimensions above 2 (the default). In these columns are the
coordinates of each site calculated for the model with the maximum dimension
size selected. These are not available for plotting within CAP.
Values within this grid can be copied and pasted into other programs in the
normal Windows fashion.
Main MDS Page
This grid shows the iteration history for a two dimensional non metric
multidimensional scaling. The first column gives the iteration number, the second
the stress value at this iteration and the third the step size used to move the site
If a maximum number of dimensions above 2 is selected then this grid also
tabulates the final stress value for models ranging from 1 dimensional to the
maximum dimension selected by the user (the default is 2). These data are also
available as a plot. These data can give an idea of the true dimensionality of the
data set as stress will reach a minimum value once the necessary number of
dimensions to fully express the distances between sites is reached. It gives an
impression the suitability of a two dimensional plot to show between site
relationships. If a two dimensional representation is satisfactory, then an increase
in dimension number will not greatly decrease stress.
Main MDS Page

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