Non Metric Multidimensional scaling
MDS plots
This window can show three different plots that are each selected using the radio
buttons below the graph.
Plot samples
   This shows the plot of the final positions for the sites (columns)
for a four dimensional non metric multidimensional scaling. Note the layout of the
sample coordinates table. Where more than two dimensions are chosen for the
ordination the grid displays the values for each species/value combination on the
right hand side of the grid, Axis 1 (2D) & Axis 2 (2D), on the left hand side
represent the result of further processing to enable two axes to be plotted against
each other.
Stress vs iterations
   This shows the plot of the stress against iteration number
for a two dimensional non metric multidimensional scaling model. A successful
analysis should show an approximately asymptotic decline in stress with iteration
Stress vs Dimension
  This shows the plot of the final stress value plotted
against the dimension of the model. The maximum dimension on the plot is the
maximum number of dimensions selected during setup. This plot can give an idea
of the true dimensionality of the data set as stress will reach a minimum value
once the necessary number of dimensions to fully express the distances between
sites is reached. It gives an impression of the suitability of a two dimensional plot
to show between site relationships. If a two dimensional representation is
satisfactory, then an increase in dimension number will not greatly decrease
Each plot can be printed using 
File | Print
 and can be exported in a number of
file formats
or the Export page of the Edit Chart
dialog box. The graph can also be 
zoomed and panned
. The facility is
particularly useful to magnify part of the plot with a tight cluster of points. Site
names can be added or removed from the plot using the Show labels tick box.

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