Community Analysis Package
Data can be entered as individual animal capture histories or as summary tables.
Ability to subset data by sex or age.
Wide range of methods available for closed populations including Schnabel
census and methods which assume behavioural differences between individuals.
Undertakes full Jolly Seber or constant survival and probability of capture model.
Plots of population estimates and frequency of capture.
As with all Pisces software, Simply Tagging has an attractive user interface,
extensive help system and good quality graphical output.
Population Estimation by Removal Sampling
Removal Sampling
is a Windows 95/98 program to calculate the statistics from
removal trapping experiments.
It contains three easy to use methods: constant & variable probability of capture
(Zippin s maximum likelihood, ML ) and a regression model.
Using the ML methods the program can calculate a population estimate, the
upper & lower 95% confidence intervals & the probability of fit of the model.
The program allows instantaneous graphical comparison of the various methods
& rapid sub division of the data. Data from spreadsheets such as Excel can be
imported as CSV files.
Removal Sampling is particularly useful for:
1  The estimation of fish densities using data collected by electric fishing:
2  Small mammal population estimation using traps.
3  Studies on insects that live in small, discrete populations that can be sampled
using techniques such as sweep netting or pitfall traps.
Density from Distance
 is a Windows program offering a range of analytical techniques commonly
used by ecologists to estimate animal and plant density from measurements of
the distance between objects or from a selected line or point to the objects. 
has been designed for ease of use on PCs running under Windows. While
designed for research use, the program is particularly useful for ecological
teaching because it allows students to quickly enter or simulate data and explore
a range of methods within a familiar Windows setting. The program is particularly
useful for botanists and zoologists studying birds or large mammals.
 users can explore real data, and reach their own conclusions
about how animal numbers are inter related and change through time. The data
consist of monthly abundance estimates of fish and crustaceans from January

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