Other Programs by PISCES Conservation Ltd
1981 to January 1995, at Hinkley Point power station, Severn Estuary, UK. Time
series for more than one hundred species are available for study. Details about
data collection and habitat are also given. Dynamica was designed as a research
tool to help explore the complex inter relationships between species and
environmental factors such as temperature, salinity and tides.
The strong theme running through Dynamica is the study of community level
dynamics. Books often portray communities and food webs as static entities. This
program will show you just how dynamic food webs are. Perhaps the most
popular community statistic is a diversity index; Dynamica will let you compare
different indices and appreciate how they change through time.
Dynamica has been designed to be useful to anyone with an interest in natural
time series. It presents a range of elementary techniques for time series analysis,
including data transformations, autocorrelations, moving averages and Fourier
analysis. The program presents a wide range of natural dynamic behaviours
which make good examples for study.
More information is available on the Hinkley Point sampling on our website at
Hedgerow Assistant
Hedgerow Assistant 
provides the reliable way to survey hedgerows under the
1997 Hedgerows Regulations.
The 1997 Hedgerows Regulations provide standards by which hedgerows are
evaluated and protected. The rules are complex and hard to interpret. Hedgerow
Assistant guides you through the survey procedure, telling you which species to
look for, which parts of the hedge to survey and which features to record. For
environmental surveyors it saves time, work and money.
Features include:
Step by step hedgerow evaluation.
Lists of Red Data Book and Scheduled species.
Full texts of relevant legislation.
Advises on which parts of the hedge to survey.
On line help to interpret complex clauses.
Prints field survey forms to guide data collection.
20.10 Simply Growth
Simply Growth
is a windows program to analyse growth curves from length and/or
weight data.
The program will fit and plot von Bertalanffy, Gompertz and Logistic growth
curves to your data. These curves are used to model the growth of a wide variety
of organisms but are not simple to fit, as they require the estimation of a number
of parameters by non linear regression.
Particular care has been taken to allow data to be quickly and easily imported
from spreadsheet programs such as Excel and the plots can be exported in a
variety of forms .

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