Obtaining help
Obtaining help
For most active windows context sensitive help can be obtained by pressing F1,
clicking on the help button or selecting the help drop down menu. or clicking on
the right hand mouse button and choosing help from the pop up menu.
If pressing FI, make sure that the window that you are seeking help for is the
active one.
CAP also includes  Instant Assist    a continuously visible advisory panel that tells
you about the methods available on the main menu bar. This can be placed
anywhere on your screen while you work and switched on or off under the Help
If you have problems using the program or entering data which you cannot solve
then contact Pisces Conservation Ltd by e mailing pisces@irchouse.demon.co.uk
or by phone to England (0)1590 676622 during office hours (09.00 to 17.00).
PISCES Conservation Ltd,
IRC House, The Square
Pennington, Lymington
Hants, SO41 8GN
44 (0) 1590 676622
44 (0) 1590 675599
For more information, details of our other software, and answers to a range of
technical queries, visit our web site at
http://www.pisces conservation.com
For details about our consultancy and other work, visit
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