Press M to open the Pictures Menu when the camera is 
active. The Pictures Menu can include the following options:
Go To Pictures
View pictures and photos stored 
on your phone.
Internal / External 
Switch between the internal (self 
portrait) and external cameras.
Delete All
Delete all pictures.
Open the setup menu to adjust 
t Fe
picture settings.
Free Space
See how much memory remains 
for storing pictures.
Tip: To assign a stored picture to a phonebook entry, open 
the entry and press M > Edit > Picture. You cannot assign 
pictures to entries stored on your SIM card.
Using Photos and Pictures
You can send your photos to other wireless phone users or 
email addresses, assign photos to specific phonebook 
entries, and use them as wallpaper or screen saver 
Downloading Pictures
Your phone may contain predefined photos, 
pictures, and animations. You can download and 
store additional images on your phone.
Note: The files that you download or receive as 
attachments might have a lock that keeps you from saving 

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