Enter symbols only (see page 44).
The secondary text entry mode 
(see below to set).
Alternatively, you can select a text entry mode in any text 
entry screen by pressing M > Entry Mode.
Setting Up a Text Entry Mode
Press M > Entry Setup from any text entry screen. 
Select Primary Setup or Secondary Setup, and choose:
Let the phone predict each word 
as you press keys (see page 42).
Tap Method
Enter letters and numbers by 
pressing a key one or more times.
Hide the Secondary setting (only 
r Pho
available for Secondary Setup).
Using Capitalization
 Use You
Press 0 in any text entry screen to change text case. The 
following indicators show capitalization status:
U = no capital letters
V = capitalize next letter 
T = all capital letters
Text Entry Mode Indicators
When you select the Primary or Secondary text entry mode, the 
following indicators identify the text entry setting:

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