Find the Feature
M > Settings > Initial Setup 
> Backlight
Setting Display Timeout
You can set the display to turn itself off when no activity is 
detected for a specified time period.
Find the Feature
M > Settings > Initial Setup 
> Display Timeout
Using AGPS Location 
Your phone can use Assisted Global 
Positioning Service (AGPS) to tell the network 
where you are physically located. 
Note: You cannot use your camera while your phone is 
checking your location.
Limitations of AGPS
tting Up 
Sometimes adequate signals from multiple satellites are 
unavailable, usually because your AGPS phone's antenna 
Your Phone
cannot establish a view of a wide area of open sky. In 
these cases, the AGPS feature will not work. Such 
situations include, but are not limited to, the following:
  in underground locations
  inside of buildings, trains, or other covered vehicles
  under any other metal or concrete roof or structure
  between tall buildings or under dense tree cover

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