N or RETRY (+)
activate automatic redial
Your phone automatically redials the number. When the 
call goes through, your phone rings or vibrates one time, 
displays Redial Successful, and then connects the call.
Using Caller ID
Incoming Calls
Calling line identification (Caller ID) displays the 
phone number for incoming calls.
The phone displays the caller's name (and 
picture, if available) if the name is stored in your 
g Fe
phonebook, or Incoming Call when caller ID information is not 
You can also set your phone to play a distinctive ringer ID 
for specific entries stored in your phonebook. For more 
information, see page 96. 
Outgoing Calls
You can show or hide your phone number as 
an ID for the calls that you make.
Find the Feature
M > Settings > In Call Setup 
> My Caller ID

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