My phone will 
You must send PIN codes and 
not dial 
passwords as DTMF tones while 
on a call. You can set your 
phone's DTMF tones to be Long, 
passwords, or  Short, or Off. If you have trouble 
other codes.
sending numbers, try changing 
the DTMF setting.
 1 From the home screen, press: 
M > Settings > Initial Setup 
2 Press S up or down to scroll 
to Long or Short.
3 Press SELECT (+) to select it.
My phone's 
Use the Brightness feature to 
display is too 
change the brightness level in 
your display (see page 56). You 
can also use the Backlight feature to 
change the length of time that the 
display backlight stays on (see 
page 56).
My battery 
Your battery's performance is 
didn't last as 
affected by charge time, feature 
long as I 
use, temperature changes, 
backlight use, and other factors. 
What can I do 
For tips on extending battery life, 
to extend 
see page 11.
battery life? 

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