FCC also regulates the base stations that the wireless phone networks 
rely upon. While these base stations operate at higher power than do the 
wireless phones themselves, the RF exposures that people get from 
these base stations are typically thousands of times lower than those they 
can get from wireless phones. Base stations are thus not the primary 
subject of the safety questions discussed in this document.
What is FDA doing to find out more about the 
possible health effects of wireless phone RF?
FDA is working with the U.S. National Toxicology Program and with 
groups of investigators around the world to ensure that high priority 
animal studies are conducted to address important questions about the 
effects of exposure to radio fr
equency energy (RF).
FDA has been a leading participant in the World Health Organization 
International Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) Project since its inception in 
1996. An influential result of this work has been the development of a 
detailed agenda of research needs that has driven the establishment of 
new research programs around the world. The Project has also helped 
develop a series of public information documents on EMF issues.
FDA and the Cellular Telecommunications & Internet Association (CTIA) 
have a formal Cooperative Research and Development Agreement 
(CRADA) to do research on wireless phone safety. FDA provides the 
scientific oversight, obtaining input from experts in government, industry, 
and academic organizations. CTIA funded research is conducted through 
contracts to independent investigators. The initial research will include 
both laboratory studies and studies of wireless phone users. The CRADA 
will also include a broad assessment of additional research needs in the 
context of the latest research developments around the world.

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