Getting Started
Charging and Inserting the Battery Pack
Before using your camcorder, you first need to charge and install the battery pack.  To charge the
battery pack, use the supplied AC power adaptor.
This digital camcorder does not interface with "InfoLITHIUM" batteries.  The remaining time (minutes)
indication does not appear when using "InfoLITHIUM" batteries.
Charging the Battery Pack
Charge the battery pack on a flat place without vibration.
(1) Connect the AC power adaptor to a wall outlet.
(2) Align the surface of the battery pack indicated by the z mark with the edge of the terminal shutter
of the AC power adaptor.  Then fit and slide the battery pack in the direction of the arrow.
The CHARGE lamp (orange) lights up.  Charging begins.
When charging is completed, the CHARGE lamp goes out.  Unplug the unit from the wall outlet, then
remove the battery pack and install it on the camcorder.
Charging Time
Battery Pack
Charging time*
NP 720/F730
* Approximate minutes to charge an empty pack using the supplied AC power adaptor (Lower temperatures
require a longer charging time.)
Battery Life
Battery Pack
Typical recording time*
Continuous using time**
NP 720/F730
* Approximate minutes when recording while you repeat recording start/stop, zooming and turning the
power on/off. The actual battery life may be shorter.
** Approximate continuous recording and playing back time indoors.

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