Note on Standby mode
If you leave the camcorder for 5 minutes or more with a cassette inserted in Standby mode, the camcorder
goes off automatically.  This prevents wearing down the battery and wearing out the tape.  To resume
Standby mode, turn the POWER switch to OFF once and then to CAMERA.  To start recording, press START/
Notes on the time code
The time code indicates the recording or playback time, "0:00:00" (hours : minutes : seconds) in the
viewfinder and "0:00:00:00" (hours : minutes : seconds : frames) on the TV screen.  This camcorder uses the
drop frame mode (p. 84).
Be sure not make a blank portion when recording, because the time code will start from  0:00:00:00  again.
You cannot rewrite the time code on the tape if there is a blank portion between pictures.
To Focus the Viewfinder Lens
Basic Operations
If the viewfinder is not in focus at all or when you use the camcorder after someone else has used it,
focus the viewfinder lens.  Turn the viewfinder lens adjustment ring so that the indicators in the
viewfinder come into sharp focus.
When the shooting condition is too bright
Use the supplied large eyecup. Fit it onto the camcorder by stretching the corners a little. [a]
If you wear glasses or you cannot view the corners
Fold back the eyecup to see better. [b]
Note on beep sound
As indicated with 
 in the illustrations, a beep sounds when you turn the power on or when you start
recording and two beeps sound when you stop recording, confirming the operation. Several beeps also sound
as a warning of any unusual condition of the camcorder (p. 82).  Note that the beep sound is not recorded on
the tape.  If you do not want to hear the beep sound, set the BEEP to OFF in the menu system (p. 20).
To record through an external microphone
Connect a microphone to the MIC jack.  In this case, sound from the built in microphone will not be recorded.
If no cassette is inserted while using a monaural microphone, you cannot monitor the left side sound from the
headphones jack or audio output jack.
Note on color viewfinder
The color viewfinder employs an LCD screen made with high precision technology.
However, black points or bright points of light (red, blue or green) may appear constantly on the color
viewfinder screen.  These points are not recorded on the tape.  This is not a malfunction.
(Effective dots: more than 99.99%)

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