Camera Recording
Using the Zoom Feature
Zooming is a recording technique that lets you change the size of the subject in the scene.  For more
professional looking recordings, use the zoom sparingly.
T side: for telephoto (subject appears closer)
W side: for wide angle (subject appears farther away)
Zooming Speed
Press the zoom button firmly for high speed zoom.  Press it softly for relatively slow zooming.
Note on the focus range
You can shoot a subject that is at least about 2.6 feet (80 cm) in the telephoto position, 0.5 inch (1 cm) in the
wide position away from the lens surface.
Notes on Digital Zoom
  More than 10x zoom is performed digitally, and the picture quality deteriorates as you go toward the T
side.  If you do not want to use the digital zoom, set the D ZOOM function to OFF in the menu system (p.
  The horizontal bar in the power zoom indicator separates the digital zooming zone (above the bar [a]) and
the optical zooming zone (under the bar [b]).  If you set the D ZOOM function to OFF, the part above the
bar disappears.

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