Hints for Better Shooting
For hand held shots, you'll get better results holding the camcorder according to the following
Basic Operations
  Hold the camcorder firmly and secure it with the grip strap so that you can easily manipulate the
controls with your thumb [a].
  Place your right elbow against your side.
  Place your left hand under the camcorder to support it.
  Keep your fingers away from the built in microphone.
  Place your eye firmly against the viewfinder eyecup.
  Use the viewfinder frame as a guide to determine the horizontal plane.
  You can record in a low position to get an interesting recording angle.  Lift the viewfinder up to
record from a low position (you can turn it up to about 80 degrees.) [b]. In this case, it's useful to use
REC START/STOP located under the carrying handle.
Cautions on the viewfinder
  Do not pick up the camcorder by the viewfinder. [c]
  Do not place the camcorder so as to point the viewfinder toward the sun. The inside of the viewfinder may
be deformed. Be careful in placing the camcorder under sunlight or by the window. [d]
  Do not point the lens toward the sun with a close  up lens attached. Doing so may damage the camcorder.
Place the camcorder on a flat surface or use a tripod
Try placing the camcorder on a table top or any other flat surface of suitable height.  If you have a tripod for a
still camera, you can also use it with the camcorder. Make sure the tripod screw is shorter than 9/32 inch
(6.5 mm).

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