Advanced Operations
Using Alternate Power Sources
You can choose any of the following power sources for your camcorder: battery pack (p.6), house
current, and 12/24 V car battery. Choose the appropriate power source depending on where you want
to use your camcorder.
Power source
Accessory to be used
House current
AC power adaptor AC V615 and connecting cord
DK 715 (supplied)
Battery pack
Battery pack NP 720/F730
In a car
12 V or 24 V car battery
DC pack DC V515/V700
You cannot connect to this camcorder using the connecting cord supplied with AC V615 or DC V515/
V700.  Use the connecting cord supplied with this camcorder.
This mark indicates that this product is an genuine accessory for Sony video products.
When purchasing Sony video products, Sony recommends that you purchase
accessories with this "GENUINE VIDEO ACCESSORIES" mark.
Note on power sources
Disconnecting the power sources or removing the battery pack during recording or playback may damage the
inserted tape.  If this happens, restore the power supply again immediately.
Using the House Current
To use the supplied AC power adaptor:
(1) Connect the AC power cord to a wall outlet.
(2) Connect the camcorder and the AC power adaptor using the supplied connecting cord.
You can charge the battery inserted in the camcorder by connecting the AC power adaptor to the
camcorder and turning the power switch to OFF.
Charging time of the supplied NP 720/F730 battery pack is approx. 150 minutes.  While charging, the
battery indicator appears repeatedly in the display window:
b       B   i
After charging finishes, the indicator disappears.
You can also charge two batteries at a time by installing the battery pack and connecting the AC power
adaptor.  It takes about 4 hours to charge the batteries.

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