Photo Recording
You can record a still picture like a photograph for about seven seconds.  This mode is useful when
you want to enjoy a picture such as a photograph or when you print a picture using a video printer.
Shutter speed is automatically adjusted up to 1/1000 depending on the exposure.
(1) Set the standby switch to PHOTO STANDBY.
(2) Keep pressing PHOTO lightly until a still picture appears in the viewfinder.
To change the still picture, release PHOTO, select still picture again, and keep pressing PHOTO lightly
If you press the PHOTO button on the Remote Commander when a still picture appears in the
viewfinder, the camcorder will record that still picture.  However, you cannot select other still pictures
by using this button.
(3) Press PHOTO deeper.
The still picture in the viewfinder is recorded for about seven seconds.  The sound during those seven
seconds is also recorded. If you change the POWER switch or the standby selector to other positions
while recording, this operation is performed after recording.
Note on using self timer recording
When you use self timer recording with photo recording, you cannot select the picture.  In this case, once you
press PHOTO, self timer recording starts, and the still picture at the point the self timer starts is recorded.
When using the video printer
  The supplied Remote Commander is useful when printing a still picture with the CVP M1 Video printer
(not supplied).  To print the still picture, first connect the LANC control jack and the video output jack on
the camcorder to the LANC jack and the video input jack on the video printer respectively.  Then, press
PRINT on the Remote Commander.  The CVP M1 automatically captures and prints the picture.  Refer to
the instruction manual of the video printer as well.
  The recorded date is automatically printed as well.  The present date, however, may not be printed if you
try to print when the POWER switch is turned to CAMERA and the camcorder is in Standby mode.
  You can also print pictures other than still pictures after selecting the desired one with the playback pause
Advanced Operations

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