Notes on the adjustment
  The sound level setting is retained as long as the power is on and for about five minutes after the power
turns off. After that the level is set to 7.5, the factory setting.
  If you change the shutter speed or you press PROGRAM AE button,   disappears from the viewfinder and
you cannot adjust the sound level.  To adjust, press REC LEVEL again to display   in the viewfinder.
  Though the DV recording system records two stereo sounds to stereo 1 and 2, this camcorder records the
sound to stereo 1 only.  You can adjust the play back sound balance between stereo 1 and 2 (p. 22).
  Sound level also appears at the lower right in the display window.
For example, when 7.0 appears in the viewfinder, 7 appears in the display window, and when 7.5 appears
in the viewfinder, 7. appears in the display window (the decimal point represents 0.5).
Advanced Operations

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