Starting Editing
(1) Insert a blank tape (or a tape you want to record over) into the recording VCR. Then insert your
recorded tape into the camcorder.
(2) Play back the recorded tape on the camcorder until you locate the point where you want to start
editing. Then set the camcorder to playback pause mode.
(3) Set the recording VCR to recording pause mode.
(4) Press P on the camcorder and VCR simultaneously to start editing.
To Edit More Scenes
Repeat steps 2 to 4.
To Stop Editing
Press STOP   on the camcorder and VCR.
Note on editing when using the A/V connecting cable
Press DISPLAY on the Remote Commander while editing onto another tape to turn off the display indicators.
Otherwise, the indicators will be recorded on the tape.
If your VCR is a monaural type
Connect only the white plug for audio on both the camcorder and the VCR.  With this connection, the sound
is monaural.
For fine synchro editing function
You can edit precisely by connecting a control cable to the LANC jack of this camcorder and other video
equipment having fine synchro editing function, using this camcorder as a player.
Notes on editing when using the DV connecting cable
You can connect one VCR only.
When using the DCR VX1000 as a recorder, press the two recording buttons at the same time to set the
recording VCR to recording pause mode.
Connect the LANC jacks when controlling this camcorder from an other VCR for editing.
If you record playback pause picture via the DV jack, the recorded picture becomes rough.
You can use this camcorder as a recorder.  In this case, you do not need to change the connection since the
direction of signal flow changes automatically, but check that "DV IN" appears on the TV and/or
When you use this camcorder as a recorder
Cassette memory data is not recorded.
Advanced Operations

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