Tips for Using the Battery Pack
The Battery Heats Up
During charging or recording, the battery pack heats up. This is caused by energy that has been
generated and a chemical change that has occurred inside the battery pack. This is not cause for
Battery Care
  Remove the battery pack from the camcorder after using the battery pack, and keep it in a cool place.
When the battery pack is attached to the camcorder, a small amount of current flows to the
camcorder even if the POWER switch is set to OFF, which shortens battery life.
  The battery pack is always discharging even when it is not in use after charging. Therefore, you
should charge the battery right before using the camcorder.
The Switch on the Battery Pack
This switch is provided to help you remember the charging status of the battery.  Set the switch to the
 green mark  position after charging.  (When detached from the Charge adaptor, the switch exposes
the green mark.  When detached from your camcorder, no mark is indicated.) [c]
The Life of the Battery Pack
If the i indicator flashes rapidly just after turning on the camcordrer with a fully charged battery
pack, the battery pack should be replaced with a new fully charged one.
Charging Temperature
You should charge batteries at temperatures from 50 F to 86 F (from 10 C to 30 C).  Lower
temperatures require a longer charging time.
Notes on Charging
A Brand new Battery
A brand new battery pack is not charged. Before using the battery pack, charge it completely.
Recharge the Battery Pack Whenever You Like
You do not have to discharge it before recharging.  If you charged the battery pack fully but you did
not use it for a long time, it becomes discharged.  So recharge the battery pack before use.
Notes on the Terminals
Keep the Terminals Clean
If a foreign object comes into the terminals, remove it with a soft stick and repeat installing and
removing the battery pack.  This improves the contact condition.
Be Sure to Observe the Following
  Keep the battery pack away from fire.
  Keep the battery pack dry.
  Do not open nor convert the battery pack.
  Do not expose the battery pack to any mechanical shock.

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