Maintenance Information and Precautions
Removing Dust from Inside the Viewfinder
(1) While holding down the hook, slide the eyecup in the direction of the arrow and remove it out.
(2) Clean the surface with a commercially available blower.
To reattach the eyecup
Do step 1 above sliding the eyecup in the reverse direction of the arrow.
Video Head Cleaning
To ensure normal recording and clear pictures, clean the video heads often.  When the v indicator
flashes in the viewfinder or mosaic noise appears on the playback picture or part of the picture
remains, the video heads may be dirty.
[a] Slight contamination
[b] Critical contamination
If this happens, clean the video heads with the Sony DVM12CL cleaning cassette (not supplied). After
checking the picture, if it is still  noisy , repeat the cleaning. (Do not repeat cleaning more than 5
Do not use a commercially available wet type cleaning cassette. It may damage the video heads.
If the DVM12CL (not supplied) cleaning cassette is not available in your area, consult your nearest Sony

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