Camcorder Operation
  Operate the camcorder using 7.2 V (battery pack), or 8.4 V (AC power adaptor).
  For DC or AC operation, use only the accessories recommended in this manual.
  Should any solid object or liquid fall into the casing, unplug the camcorder and have it checked by
your nearest Sony dealer before operating it any further.
  Avoid rough handling or mechanical shock. Be particularly careful of the lens.
  Keep the POWER switch set to OFF when not using the camera.
  Do not wrap up the camcorder and operate it since heat may build up internally.
  Keep the camcorder away from strong magnetic fields or mechanical vibration.
On Handling Tapes
  Do not insert anything into the small holes on the cassette.
  Do not open the tape protect cover or touch the tape.
  Avoid touching or damaging the terminals.  To remove dust, clean the terminals with a soft cloth.
Camcorder Care
  When the camcorder is not to be used for a long time, disconnect the power source and remove the
cassette. Periodically turn on the power, operate the CAMERA and VTR sections and play back a
tape for about 3 minutes.
  Clean the camcorder body with a soft dry cloth, or a soft cloth lightly moistened with a mild
detergent solution. Do not use any type of solvent which may damage the finish.
AC Power Adaptor
  Use only a lithium ion type battery.
  Charge the battery on a flat place without vibration.
  The battery will get hot during charging.  However, this is normal.
  Unplug the unit from the wall outlet when not in use for a long time. To disconnect the cord, pull it
out by the plug. Never pull the cord itself.
  Do not operate the unit with a damaged cord or if the unit has been dropped or damaged.
Additional Information
  Do not bend the AC power cord forcibly, or put a heavy object on it. This will damage the cord and
may cause a fire or an electrical shock.
  Be sure that nothing metallic comes into contact with the metal parts of the connecting plate. If this
happens, a short may occur and the unit may be damaged.
  Always keep the metal contacts clean.
  Do not disassemble the unit.
  Do not apply mechanical shock or drop the unit.
  While the unit is in use, particularly during charging, keep it away from AM receivers and video
equipment because it will disturb AM reception and video operation.
  The unit becomes warm while in use. This is normal.
  Do not place the unit in locations that are:
  Extremely hot or cold
  Dusty or dirty
  Very humid
If any difficulty should arise, unplug the unit and contact your nearest Sony dealer.

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