Remote Control Direction
Aim the Remote Commander to the remote sensor.
The operative range of the Remote Commander is about 5 m indoors.  Depending on the angle, Remote
Commander may not activate the camcorder.
Remote sensor
Notes on the Remote Commander
  Keep the remote sensor away from strong light sources such as direct sunlight or illumination.
Otherwise, the remote control may not be effective.
  Be sure that there is no obstacle between the remote sensor and the Remote Commander.
  This camcorder works at commander mode VTR 4 or ID. The commander modes (VTR 4 or ID) are
used to distinguish this camcorder from other Sony VCRs to avoid remote control misoperation. If
you use another Sony VCR at commander mode ID, we recommend you change the commander
mode or cover the remote sensor of the VCR with black paper.
  You do not need to register the ID again once you have done so.  Set the COMMANDER to ID in the
menu system, and set the VTR4/ID/HOLD selector ID on the Remote Commander to ID.
  The registered ID is not erased even if you replace the lithium battery.
Additional Information

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