Audio mode (p. 22, p. 61)
There are two modes on DV format:
  12 bit mode which records two stereo sounds such as stereo 1 and stereo 2
  16 bit mode which records a stereo sound
This camcorder records sound in stereo 1 in 12 bit mode only, but can play back a tape recorded in
both modes.
Cassette memory (p. 51)
Cassette memory mounted DV format cassette can store:
  Index information such as recorded date or time,
  Camera information such as F value or shutter speed,
  Standard tape information that can also be stored on a DV format cassette lacking cassette memory,
DV format (p. 61)
Newly developed consumer digital VCR format.  For higher quality pictures and sound, video and
audio signals are recorded on a tape as digital signals.
Gain (p. 49)
Amplification of video signal strength.  Shift the gain up when the subject is too dark, but shifting the
gain too much makes the noise increase.
ID 2 system
This camcorder has the ID 2 system which communicates a control signal to provide copyright
protection in an analog connection.
Iris (p. 35)
Same as lens diaphragm.  Adjustable lens opening mechanism.
ND filter (p. 41)
Optical filter for decreasing the quantity of light without adjusting iris or shutter speed.  This
camcorder has a built in ND filter and turns the filter on/off is switchable.
NTSC system (p. 57)
TV color system standard used in USA, Canada, and other parts of the world.  An NTSC recorded tape
Additional Information
cannot be played back on the PAL or SECAM system VCR.
PROGRAM AE (p. 34)
The selectable recording mode to fit the subject or shooting situation
In this camcorder, four PROGRAM AE modes (auto mode is included) are selectable.
Remote Commander mode (p. 78)
The type of Remote control signal.  There are five types (VTR1, VTR2, VTR3, VTR4, and ID) to prevent
misoperation between the Remote Commanders of Sony video products.  Select VTR4 or ID to control
this camcorder.  Normally select VTR4, and select ID to prevent misoperation.
RFU adaptor (p. 15)
Converts video and audio signals into a television wave signal to playback a picture at a TV channel.
S video output jack (p. 15)
Separates the video signal into chrominance and luminance (black and white) signals to get a clear

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