FunnelWeb Reference Manual
Version 3.2d (9 Jan 2000) for FunnelWeb V3.2
HIS REFERENCE MANUAL provides a concise and
precise definition of the functionality of the FunnelWeb literate
programming preprocessor. You should refer to this manual
when you have specific technical questions about FunnelWeb.
The SEARCH facility in the margin provides a quick way to
find what you need quickly. If you are not already familiar with
1 Introduction
FunnelWeb, you may wish to refer to the 
FunnelWeb Tutorial
2 Interface
 which provides a structured introduction to
3 Scanner
FunnelWeb, along with lots of examples and
application specific information. If you want to compile
4 Parser
FunnelWeb, refer to the 
FunnelWeb Developer Manual
5 Analyser
6 Tangle
1 Introduction
7 Weave
8 Shell
1.1 Notation
9 Commands
1.2 Terminology
10 Glossary
1.3 An Architectural Overview
11 References
1.4 Diagnostics
1.5 Typesetter Independence
2 Command Line Interface
2.1 Invoking FunnelWeb
2.2 Command Line Arguments
2.3 Options
2.4 File Name Inheritance
2.5 FunnelWeb Startup
3 Scanner
3.1 Basic Input File Processing
3.2 Special Sequences
3.3 Setting the Special Character
3.4 Inserting the Special Character into the Text
3.5 Inserting Arbitrary Characters into the Text
3.7 Quick Names
3.8 Inserting End of Line Markers (1 of 3) [3/3/2000 10:42:23 PM]

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