2.2 Command Line Arguments
2.2 Command Line Arguments
Following the verb is the body of the command line which FunnelWeb parses
into zero or more 
 separated by runs of one or more blanks.
FunnelWeb_command_line =
   FunnelWeb_verb { {" "}+ argument }
Because some operating systems convert their command line to upper case
before handing it to the invoked program, FunnelWeb has been constructed so
1 Introduction
as to be 
  to the case of its command line arguments. However, when
2 Interface
dealing internally with arguments, FunnelWeb 
  the case of its
3 Scanner
command line arguments so that it will be able to operate with operating
4 Parser
systems (such as Unix) whose file names are case dependent.
5 Analyser
A valid FunnelWeb argument consists of a 
, an identifying 
, and an
6 Tangle
 with no spaces separating them.
7 Weave
8 Shell
argument  = sign id_letter [non_blank_string]
9 Commands
sign      = "+" | " " | "="
10 Glossary
id_letter = "B" | "C" | "D" | "F" | "H" | "I" |
11 References
            "J" | "K" | "L" | "O" | "Q" | "S" |
            "T" | "W" | "X"
In addition there is a special form of argument that does not begin with a sign.
argument = non_blank_string_not_starting_with_+_=_or_ 
This form is exactly equivalent to the same string with "
" prepended to it.
The semantic effect of these arguments is defined in terms of 
 which are
the internal parameters of FunnelWeb and which correspond closely with the set
of legal command line arguments. FunnelWeb has a predefined set of options
each identified by an identifying letter having two attributes: a 
 , and a
 . The boolean determines whether an option is turned 
 . The
string contains additional information depending on the option.
When FunnelWeb starts up, its options have predefined default values.
FunnelWeb then parses its command line sequentially from left to right
executing the effect of each argument on the argument s corresponding option.
The sign and the string components of the argument are processed
 . A sign of + turns the option on. A sign of   turns the option off.
A sign of = leaves the option s boolean attribute unchanged. The argument string
replaces the string of the corresponding option, unless the argument string is
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