2.3 Options
2.3 Options
FunnelWeb s options are internal parameters which can be
modified by corresponding arguments on FunnelWeb s
command line. A description of each argument and option
B1...B6: Tracedumps:
 These six options have
been provided to assist in the debugging and
testing of FunnelWeb. They determine which of
1 Introduction
six possible trace dumps are to be written to the
2 Interface
listing file. Only the boolean attributes of these
options are ever used. The six dumps are identified
3 Scanner
by the digits 1..6 as follows:
4 Parser
Dump a hexdump of each mapped input and include file.
5 Analyser
6 Tangle
Dump the global line list created by the scanner.
7 Weave
Dump the token list created by the scanner.
8 Shell
Dump the macro table created by the parser.
9 Commands
Dump the document list created by the parser.
10 Glossary
Dump a table summarizing CPU and real time usage.
11 References
Because these options are so closely related, a hack has been
pulled to enable them to all to be controlled by the B argument.
The string argument to the B argument determines which of the
six options are to be affected by the sign. Examples: +B134
turns on options B1, B3, and B4.  B1 turns off option B1.
Default:  B123456.
B7: Determinism:
 If the B7 option is turned on,
FunnelWeb suppresses the output of anything
non deterministic, or machine dependent. This
assists in regression testing. Only the boolean
attribute is used in this option. This option is
controlled by the B7 argument which falls under
the same argument syntax as the other B options.
Examples: +B7,  B7. Default:  B7.
C: Listing File Context:
 The C option is always
turned on and cannot be turned off. Its only
attribute is a number which determines the number
of lines of context that the lister will place around
lines flagged with diagnostics in the listing file (if
a listing file is written). A value of 100 indicates
infinite context which means that the entire listing
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