2.3 Options
file will be written out if a single diagnostic
occurs. The value of this number can be specified
by specifying it as a string of decimal digits to the
+C argument. Examples: +C100, +C10.
Default: +C2.
D: Delete Identical Output Files:
 Only the
boolean attribute of this option is used. When
turned on, the option causes the suppression
(deletion) of product files and documentation files
(but not listing or journal files) that are identical to
the currently existing files of the same name. For
example, if FunnelWeb is instructed to generate
stack.h as an product file, and the text to be written
to stack.h is identical to the currently existing
stack.h, then FunnelWeb will simply not write any
product file, leaving the currently existing stack.h
as it is (and in particular leaving the file s date
attribute the same). This prevents unnecessary
make propagations. For example, in a C program,
if stack.fw is a FunnelWeb input file that generates
stack.h and stack.c, a modification to stack.fw that
affects stack.c but does not affect stack.h will not
provoke the recompilation of modules that
#include stack.h, so long as the intervening
FunnelWeb run has +D set. Examples:  D, +D.
Default:  D.
F: FunnelWeb Input File:
 If this option is turned
on, FunnelWeb processes the input file whose
name is specified by the option string. Examples:
+Fsloth.fw, +Fwalrus,  F. Default:  F.
H: Display Help Message:
 If this option is turned
on, FunnelWeb displays the message specified by
the argument string. Each message has a name.
The main help message is called "
" and
contains a list of the other help messages.
Examples: +Hregistration, +Hoptions.
Default:  Hmenu.
I: Include default file specification:
 This option
is always turned on and cannot be turned off. Its
string attribute is used as the default file
specification for include files. Usually this option
is used to specify a directory from which include
files should be obtained. Examples:
=I/usr/dave/includes/. Default: +I.
http://www.ross.net/funnelweb/reference/interface_options.html (2 of 5) [3/3/2000 10:48:55 PM]

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