2.5 FunnelWeb Startup
2.5 FunnelWeb Startup
FunnelWeb s command line options can be divided into two
Action options
 instruct FunnelWeb to performs some
sort of independent action such as processing a file. 
 merely modify the way in which FunnelWeb executes
the actions.
The four action options are: +F, +K, +X, and +H.
1 Introduction
When FunnelWeb is invoked, if no action options are specified,
2 Interface
and there is a file called fwinit.fws in the current directory, then
FunnelWeb executes the FunnelWeb script file (.fws) and
3 Scanner
terminates. If there isn t such a file, FunnelWeb issues a help
4 Parser
message and terminates.
5 Analyser
6 Tangle
If, when FunnelWeb is invoked, one or more action options are
7 Weave
specified, FunnelWeb performs the actions in a predefined
order as follows:
8 Shell
9 Commands
Initialization script:
 FunnelWeb starts by looking
in the current directory for a file called
10 Glossary
". If it doesn t find one, it doesn t
11 References
raise any error. If it does find one, it executes it as
a FunnelWeb shellscript. Initialization scripts are
useful for setting up FunnelWeb options (e.g.
using the "
" command without having to type
them each time).
Execute argument script:
 If a shellscript has been
specified using the "
" option, FunnelWeb
executes it.
Process input file:
 If the user has specified an
input file using the "
" option, then this is
processed next (by FunnelWeb proper).
Display help message:
 If the user requested, using
the "
" option, that a help message be displayed,
the message is displayed at this time.
Interactive mode:
 If the user specified the "
option, FunnelWeb enters interactive (keyboard)
FunnelWeb processes these actions in the above order
regardless of the order in which they appear on the command
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