3.1 Basic Input File Processing
3.1 Basic Input File Processing
In order to read in an input file or include file, the scanner calls
a submodule called the 
 that reads a file in and creates a
contiguous copy of it in memory. The scanner then performs
three checks on the file, the first (file termination) of which is
performed before scanning commences, and the other two of
which take place during scanning before each line is scanned.
File Termination:
 The first check the scanner
1 Introduction
makes is whether the file is terminated properly. A
2 Interface
file is considered to be properly terminated if it
either contains no lines, or if the last line in the file
3 Scanner
is terminated by an end of line marker. If the
4 Parser
scanner detects that an input file is not properly
5 Analyser
terminated, it adds an end of line marker itself (to
6 Tangle
the copy in memory only).
7 Weave
Unprintable Characters:
 The second check the
8 Shell
scanner makes is for unprintable characters (ASCII
9 Commands
0  31 and 127  255 (except for EOL(10))) which it
10 Glossary
flags as errors and replaces by question marks.
11 References
Line Lengths:
 The third check the scanner makes
is input line length. When FunnelWeb starts up, a
default maximum input line length of 80 is set.
This can be changed dynamically during scanning
using a @p maximum_input_line_length pragma.
If the number of characters on a line (not including
the end of line marker) exceeds this limit,
FunnelWeb generates an error.
Copyright   Ross N. Williams 1992,1999. All rights
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