3.2 Special Sequences
3.2 Special Sequences
The scanner scans the input file from top to bottom, left to right, treating the
input as ordinary text (to be handed directly to the parser as a text token) unless
it encounters the 
special character
 which introduces a 
special sequence
. Thus,
the scanner partitions the input file into ordinary text and special sequences.
(Note: This sort of character is often referred to as the "escape character" or the
"control character" in other systems. However, as there is great potential to
confuse these names with the "escape" character (ASCII 27) and ASCII
"control" characters, the term "special" has been chosen instead. This results in
1 Introduction
the terms 
special character
special sequence
2 Interface
3 Scanner
input_file = { ordinary_text | special_sequence }
4 Parser
5 Analyser
Upon startup, the special character is @, but it can be changed using the
6 Tangle
= special sequence. Rather than using 
7 Weave
whenever the special character appears, this document uses the default special
character "
" to represent the current special character. More importantly,
8 Shell
FunnelWeb s error messages all use the default special character in examples,
9 Commands
even if the special character has been changed.
10 Glossary
11 References
An occurrence of the special character in the input file introduces a special
sequence. The kind of special sequence is determined by the character following
the special character. Only printable characters can follow the special character.
The following list gives all the possible characters that can follow the special
character, and the legality of each sequence. The first column gives the ASCII
number of each ASCII character. The second column gives the special sequence
for that character. The next column contains one of three characters: "
" means
that the sequence is illegal. "
" indicates that the sequence is a 
simple sequence
(with no attributes or side effects) that appears exactly as shown and is
converted directly into a token and fed to the parser. Finally, "
" indicates that
the special sequence is complex, possibly having a following syntax or
producing funny side effects.
000       \
016        | Unprintable chars (illegal specials).
031       /
032  @      Illegal (space).
033  @!   C Comment.
034  @"   S Parameter delimeter.
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