3.2 Special Sequences
081  @Q     Illegal.
082  @R     Illegal.
083  @S     Illegal.
084  @T   C Typesetter directive.
085  @U     Illegal.
086  @V     Illegal.
087  @W     Illegal.
088  @X     Illegal.
089  @Y     Illegal.
090  @Z   S Macro may be called zero times.
091  @[     Illegal. Reserved for future use.
092  @\     Illegal.
093  @]     Illegal. Reserved for future use.
094  @^   C Insert control character into text
095  @_     Illegal.
096  @      Illegal.
097  @a   \
109  @m    | Identical to @A..@Z.
122  @z   /
123  @{   S Open macro body/Open literal directive.
124  @|     Illegal.
125  @}   S Close macro body/Close literal directive.
126  @~     Illegal.
127 to 255   Illegal specials (as non standard ASCII).
The most important thing to remember about the scanner is that 
nothing happens
unless the special character is seen.
  There are no funny sequences that will
cause strange things to happen. The best way to view a FunnelWeb document at
the scanner level is as a body of text punctuated by special sequences that serve
to structure the text at a higher level.
The remaining description of the scanner consists of a detailed description of the
effect of each complex special sequence.
Copyright   Ross N. Williams 1992,1999. All rights reserved.
http://www.ross.net/funnelweb/reference/scanner_special.html (3 of 3) [3/3/2000 10:47:14 PM]

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