3.13 Pragma: Maximum Input Line Length
3.13 Pragma: Maximum Input Line
FunnelWeb generates an error for each input line that exceeds a
certain maximum number of characters. At the start of the
processing of each input file and each include file, this maximum is
set to a default value of 80. However, the maximum can be changed
using a maximum input line length pragma.
1 Introduction
pragma_mill = ps "maximum_input_line_length" s
2 Interface
              "=" s numorinf
3 Scanner
4 Parser
The maximum input line length can be varied 
throughout the input file. Each maximum input line length pragma s
5 Analyser
scope covers the line following the pragma through to and including
6 Tangle
the next maximum input line length pragma, but not covering any
7 Weave
intervening include files. At the start of an include file, FunnelWeb
8 Shell
resets the maximum input line length to the default value. It restores
9 Commands
it to its previous value at the end of the include file.
10 Glossary
This pragma is useful for detecting text that has strayed off the right
11 References
side of the screen when editing. If you use FunnelWeb, and set the
maximum input line length to be the width of your editing window,
you will never be caught by, for example, off screen opening
comment symbols. You can also be sure that your source text can be
printed raw, if necessary, without lines wrapping around.
Copyright   Ross N. Williams 1992,1999. All rights reserved.
http://www.ross.net/funnelweb/reference/scanner_prag_maxin.html [3/3/2000 10:47:55 PM]

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