3.15 Pragma: Typesetter
3.15 Pragma: Typesetter
The typesetter pragma allows the user to specify whether the input file
is supposed to be typesetter independent, or whether it contains
commands in a particular typesetter language. The pragma has the
following syntax.
pragma_typesetter = ps "typesetter" s "="
                    s ("none" | "tex" | "html")
1 Introduction
The three forms of the pragma look like this.
2 Interface
3 Scanner
@p typesetter = none
4 Parser
@p typesetter = tex
5 Analyser
@p typesetter = html
6 Tangle
A source file can contain more than one typesetter pragma, but they
7 Weave
must all specify the same value. The default is none. The typesetter
8 Shell
setting affects two things:
9 Commands
Handling of free text:
 If the typesetter is not none,
10 Glossary
Weave writes the free text 
  to the documentation
11 References
file without changing it whatsoever. This means that if
(say) \centerline appears in the input file, it will copied
directly to the documentation file. If the typesetter is
none, Weave intercepts any characters or sequences that
might have a special meaning to the target typesetter and
replaces them with typesetter commands to typeset the
sequences so that they will appear as they do in the input.
For example, if the typesetter is none and the target
typesetter is TeX, then if $ (the TeX "mathematics
mode" character) appears in the input file, it will be be
written to the documentation file as \$.
Restrictions on the target typesetter:
 If you make your
FunnelWeb input file depedent on one particular
typesetter, it s important that no attempt be made to
generate documentation for a different target format.
FunnelWeb enforces this at the Weave stage.
The aim of all this is to ensure that any typesetter dependency is
correctly proclaimed. Because none is the default typesetter, a user
who creates a source file without a typesetter = x pragma will soon
find that the control sequences they are inserting into the source
document are appearing verbatim in the printed documentation! In
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