3.20 Title
3.20 Title
The title pragma is a typesetting pragma with the following syntax.
ftd_title = ts "title" s font s alignment text
font      = "normalfont" | "titlefont" |
alignment = "left" | "centre" | "right"
text      = """" { printable_char } """"
1 Introduction
It s effect is to instruct Weave to insert a single line into the printed
2 Interface
documentation containing the specified text set in the specified font and
3 Scanner
aligned in the specified manner. The double quotes delimiting the text are
4 Parser
for show only; if you want to put a double quote in the string, you don t
5 Analyser
need to double them.
6 Tangle
Here is an example of the pragma.
7 Weave
8 Shell
@t title smalltitlefont centre "How to Flip a Bit"
9 Commands
10 Glossary
11 References
Copyright   Ross N. Williams 1992,1999. All rights reserved.
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