6 Tangle
6 Tangle
If the scanner, parser, and analyser have successfully (i.e. with
no errors, severe errors, or fatal errors) completed, and the
Tangle option (+O) is turned on (it is by default), then the
Tangle component of FunnelWeb is invoked to generate the
product files specified in the @O macros of the input file.
The operation of Tangle is very simple. Each @O macro is
expanded and written to a file of the same name. As there are a
1 Introduction
finite number of macros, and the analyser guarantees that the
2 Interface
macro structure is non recursive, Tangle is guaranteed to
3 Scanner
4 Parser
Three remaining points are worth mentioning.
5 Analyser
Tangle expands macros using blank indentation unless
6 Tangle
the user has specified otherwise in an indentation pragma
7 Weave
in the input file.
8 Shell
Tangle keeps track of the length of the lines that it is
9 Commands
writing and issues an error if any line of any product file
10 Glossary
that it generates is longer than the maximum. The
11 References
maximum is the minimum of a value defaulted or
specified in the input file, and the value (if any) provided
by the +w command line argument.
If there is more than one macro definition of the same
name, then each such definition must have a different
library level (@L). Tangle uses the macro definition that
has the lowest library level and ignores the others
Memory Use During Tangling
When FunnelWeb executes, it reads each input file (the main
input file and any include files) into memory where they are
kept for the duration of the run. This means that there must be
room in memory for all of the input files. This approach is
necessary to support FunnelWeb s unrestricted forward
In contrast, there is no requirement that there be enough
memory to hold the product files, as these are written to disk
sequentially during their expansion. Furthermore, FunnelWeb
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