10 Glossary
10 Glossary
 A component of the FunnelWeb program that checks
the macro table created by the parser for errors. For example,
the analyser checks to see if any macro without a @Z has not
been called.
 A string delimited by blanks appearing on the
FunnelWeb command line. Arguments are used to control
1 Introduction
2 Interface
 A FunnelWeb special sequence or cooperating group
of special sequences that do not form part of a macro definition.
3 Scanner
A directive can take the form of a pragma.
4 Parser
5 Analyser
 Descriptive text.
6 Tangle
Documentation file:
 An output file, produced by the Weave
7 Weave
component of FunnelWeb, that contains typesetter commands.
8 Shell
When fed into the appropriate typesetter program, the result is a
9 Commands
typeset image of the input file.
10 Glossary
Free text:
 The text in an input file that remains if one were to
11 References
remove macro definitions and directives.
 This word has a number of different meanings all
pertaining to the FunnelWeb system of programming. 1) The
entire system of programming as in "Maybe FunnelWeb can
help." 2) The computer program that implements the system as
in "Run it through FunnelWeb and see what comes out." 3) The
language implemented by the FunnelWeb program as in "I
wrote the program in FunnelWeb." or "I wrote the program in
Ada using FunnelWeb.".
FunnelWeb file:
 A file whose contents are written in the
FunnelWeb language.
FunnelWeb language:
 The language in which FunnelWeb
input files are written.
FunnelWeb proper:
 Usually, when FunnelWeb is invoked, it
processes a single input file and then terminates. However, it
also has a command language mode in which it is possible to
invoke "FunnelWeb" many times. This leads to confusion
between "FunnelWeb" the outer program and "FunnelWeb" the
inner program. To avoid this confusion, the inner FunnelWeb is
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