10 Glossary
sometimes referred to as "FunnelWeb proper".
 An abbreviation for "FunnelWeb" that is used wherever
Include file:
 A file read in by FunnelWeb as the result of an
include pragma (@i filename).
Input file:
 Any file read in by FunnelWeb. The phrase "the
input file" refers to the root input file (specified using the +F
Journal file:
 An output file containing a copy of the output sent
to the user s console during an invocation of FunnelWeb. In
other systems, this file is sometimes called a "log file".
Listing file:
 An output file summarizing the result of
processing an input file.
 A binding of a name to a string.
Macro definition:
 A construct appearing in a FunnelWeb file
that binds a name to a text string. A FunnelWeb file consists of
a series of macro definitions surrounded by documentary text.
 A component of the FunnelWeb program that reads in
the input file and creates a copy of it in memory.
 An parameter internal to the FunnelWeb program
which can be controlled by command line arguments or
Output file:
 Any file written by FunnelWeb. This includes
listing, journal, product, and documentation files. (Warning:
During most of FunnelWeb s development the term "output
file" was also used to refer to what are now called "product
files". This turned out to be extremely confusing and so the
term "product file" was invented to distinguish the generic from
the specific. However, as this was a late modification, you may
find some occurrences of the old use of "output file".).
 A component of the FunnelWeb program that
processes the token list generated by the scanner and produces a
macro table and a document list. The parser mainly analyses the
input file at the syntactic level, but also does some lightweight
semantic checking too.
 Single line directives that appears in FunnelWeb
files. Pragmas control everything from maximum input line
length to typesetter dependence. A pragma line starts with "
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