10 Glossary
Printed documentation:
 Sheets of paper resulting from
actually typesetting and printing a documentation file.
Product file:
 An output file, generated by the Tangle
component of FunnelWeb, that contains the expansion of the
macros in the input file. Note: Other names considered for this
were: generated file, expanded file, result file, program file, and
tangle file.
 A component of the FunnelWeb program that scans a
copy of the input file in memory and generates a line list and a
token list to be fed to the parser. The scanner processes the
input at the lexical level.
 A file containing FunnelWeb shell commands.
 A command language interpreter built into the
FunnelWeb program. The interpreter allows the user to invoke
FunnelWeb proper many times during a single invocation of the
FunnelWeb program.
Special character:
 A distinguished character in a FunnelWeb
input file that introduces a special sequence. By default the
special character is "
". However, it can be changed using the
" special sequence.
Special sequence:
 A special sequence is a construct introduced
by the special character. Special sequences are used to define a
structure in a FunnelWeb input file that exists at a higher level
to the surrounding text. A FunnelWeb input file may be
considered to be a sequence of text and special sequences.
 This is the name for the component of FunnelWeb that
generates one or more product files containing the expansion of
macros in the input file.
Typesetting directive:
 A FunnelWeb directive whose sole
effect is to modify the way in which the input file is represented
in the documentation file.
 This is the name for the component of FunnelWeb that
generates a documentation file containing typesetting
commands representing the input file.
Copyright   Ross N. Williams 1992,1999. All rights
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