Search FunnelWeb Documentation
Search FunnelWeb Documentation
Information about FunnelWeb is divided into the main
FunnelWeb web and the Tutorial, Reference, and Developer
manual webs. Choose a combination of manuals to search, and
enter one or more keywords.
 Main Web (General information)
FunnelWeb Reference Manual
 (Official definition)
FunnelWeb Tutorial Manual
 (Tutorial and hints)
1 Introduction
FunnelWeb Developer Manual
 (How to compile)
2 Interface
3 Scanner
4 Parser
* Enter one or more words or word prefixes separated by spaces.
5 Analyser
* Matching is case insensitive.
6 Tangle
* Finds all pages containing at least one word.
* Add the word AND to find pages containing all the words.
7 Weave
* Searching will not work in offline copies of this web.
8 Shell
9 Commands
10 Glossary
11 References
Copyright   Ross N. Williams 1992,1999. All rights
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